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Looking good helps you feel good – and vice versa. Healthy beauty is all about smart, scientifically sound ways to care for and enhance your skin, hair, nails and body.

We strive to source the best natural beauty products for you.

We look for products that help with many skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and more, that are natural and non harming.

As a psoriasis suffer myself I know how important it is to use gentle, natural products on your & my skin.

VitaMe was so impressed by the Volcanic Earth Range and what the company does for the people of Vanuata that we wanted to share it with you.

Volcanic Earth was born out of a desire to utilize the natural resources of Vanuatu to create much need jobs and employment opportunities for disadvantaged Ni Vanuatu, particularly on the more remote islands of Vanuatu. Linda and Barry were aware of the extensive ash planes on Tanna Island to the South and thought that there must be a way to utilize this ash to the benefit of mankind rather than leaving it to go to waste. After extensive research and testing, they discovered that volcanic ash and pumice are natural exfoliating agents that also work to cleanse and purify the skin. They learnt that some indigenous people on Tanna Island used volcanic ash as a skin treatment and had for centuries. 

To assist in this endeavour, the AusAid Department, via its innovative, Enterprise Challenge Fund, made available to Volcanic Earth the sum of $190,000AUD over a period of 3 years to help more than 500 Ni Vanuatu disadvantaged through remoteness & lack of employment & livelihood opportunities. 
The grant resulted in more than 1,500 Ni Vanuatu benefiting from the project and these benefits continue through to the present day.