Go Away Lice Kit



A natural head lice shampoo kit that is:-
Proven to kill both lice and eggs.
Non-toxic and safe to use.
No Cyclomethicone or other possible human or environmental toxins.
Use as a normal, shampoo to help prevent head lice reocurring.
Vegan Friendly and biodegradable ingredients.
Lasts 3 x longer than bottled shampoo.

Simply wet hair, foam up with bar and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes while combing through with a lice comb from roots to tips. Instructions can also be found on inside shampoo bar wrapping.
Keep the shampoo bar dry using the wooden drying rack that comes with it.

Specifically formulated with Quassia Amara Wood Extract and Apple Cider Vinegar for a natural head lice treatment. Research by the American National Centre for Biotechnology has shown that Quassia Wood destroys eggs and delivers lice asphyxiation.


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