Volcanic Ash Soap -Pack of 4 (small) Soaps



Small, volcanic ash soaps to:-
Purify, detoxify and cleanse your skin;
Helps clear blemishes and rashes;
Calm inflamed, irritated skin;
Removes dead skin cells;
Increases blood flow;
Clarify, tones and smooth skin;
Relieves common skin conditions
Pack of 4 small black soaps – 50 grams each.
Vegan and environmentally friendly
Suitable for all skin types and skin color
Product of Vanuatu, South Pacific

Exploding the Myths About Volcanic Ash Products
Let’s be clear  Volcanic Ash is not Bentonite Clay, volcanic sand or volcanic pumice.

Volcanic Ash comes straight out of the volcano as is volcanic pumice. However, pumice is as light as a feather and comes in small pebble sizes up to quite large, single rocks. Volcanic Ash, while it is feels and appears like black sand, it isn’t. Volcanic ash is made up of finely crushed particles under 2mm (.079 inches) and may be as small as 0.0025 inches (or 0.0635mm).
Oh and it’s not really Volcanic Dust either as ‘ash’ and ‘dust’ are classified by a specific size of the ‘Tephra’ and ‘Pyroclastics’ (terms used to describe igneous rock material ejected from active volcanoes). Volcanic dust is some small that it is less than 0.063 mm (0.0025 inches).


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